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1965 The mechanical engineer, Mr. Miltiadis Matsios establishes in Thessaloniki –Northern Greece the company Biotherm. It started by constructing steel boilers for heavy and crude oil and later oil boilers.

1970 The company becomes one of the leader boiler producers in Northern Greece.

1985 The company is renamed to Thermostahl General Partnership Company, under the administration of Dionysios and Christodoulos Matsios, sons of the founder -Miltiatis. New advanced types of boilers are being constructed, as well as autonomic central heating units.

1990 The new boiler production factory is constructed at Nea Anchialos, Thessaloniki. New modern machines are installed, that result in increase of the productivity and concurrent reduction of the construction cost. The production reaches 3.000 pieces/year and also the first exports begin in the Balkan countries.

1995 Thermostahl S.A. specializes by investing continuously its profits. The production capacity  increases and the company enters also the field of trade, in addition to manufacturing. It imports heating products (radiators, cast iron boilers, burners, etc.) and offers them to its customers all over Greece. 

1997 Thermostahl Romania SRL is established.  Land property is purchased in Bucharest. The company starts a plan to obtain private facilities, aiming to enter the Romanian market and to expand its potentials to nearby countries.

2000 The factory in Thessaloniki is expanded and updated, capitals of a total amount of 3 million euro are invested aiming to increase the productivity and decrease labor costs.

2001 The building in Romania is completed with total space of 2.000m2. At the same time Thermostahl Poland Z.o.o. is established with the registered offices in Warszaw. The company designs new solid fuel boilers for pellet and acquires the relative know how.

2003 Boilers production is started at the new factory in Bucharest under direct supervision of Mr. Dionysios Matsios. The Romanian workers are trained at the factory in Thessaloniki in order to transfer the know-how to the new production facility.

2005 The company works as a complete company group with active presence in Central and South-Eastern European countries. The social and economic evolution in the greater area favors the investing attempts and as a result, the group of Thermostahl companies develop intensively. Thermostahl Romania inaugurates the second production hall, double its production capacity, producing more than 10.000 units/year.

2007 Due to excesive loading of the production lines in Romania and Greece, a new boilers production workshop is established in Republic of Moldova.

2008 The so far established company, always loyal to its principles, regulates its finances and raises its profile by investing in specialized products (pellet boilers, high efficient 3-pass boilers, solid fuel and biomass fired boilers, etc.). Our goal is to diversity from competition by offering ecological combustion technologies.

2010 New high efficiency boilers are designed. Exports intensify through the company in Bucharest. Thermostahl Romania becomes the strategic headquarter of the group, most of the dispatches are organized from Romania to Bulgaria, Serbia, Spain, Israel, Republic of Moldova, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, France.

2012 Thermostahl Romania opens its laboratory for biomass boilers testing, measurements and training. The Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 is implemented at Thermostahl Romania and certified by TÜV Thüringen –an international recognized organisation.

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